Sunday, 25 July 2010

I wonder why..

I'm not entirely sure why I took photos of these quilts... there were other stunning, striking and interesting quilts on display at the VicQuilter's Showcase in Melbourne this weekend.
Maybe they are examples or reminders of things I liked about the quilts, or maybe I am making it myself, or maybe I don't think I would ever make a quilt like that. Whatever the reason, these are the quilts I took photos of.
All those hand-pieced clamshells!! I particularly like the way these were quilted. Both around the curve, and in a geometric pattern.

I think I have seen this quilt (pattern by Kim McLean) in traditional fabrics. What a wow with the Kaffe Fassets.

This is Ronnie's Civil War Bride Quilt. Talk about quick!! Made in less than one year!! Now this one I am making myself.

Once again, I am not sure what I like about this one. Lots of things. I like the colours, the quilting, the mixture of blocks and the applique afterwards.

Is that broderie perse applique in the outer triangles? I can't remember. It sure looks soft and pretty. Some very precise blocks in there.

This quilt is a reminder for me: it's a round robin where you work on your own quilt. The next month's instructions were drawn out of a hat, you couldn't plan far ahead.

I have on
I have one of these centre panels, not sure what to make with mine....

From a distance, this quilt was striking (it won awards actually)....

but when I looked at the fabric close-up, there is no way I would have teemed them together. The spots seemed to fuzz away the wonderfully pointed triangles.
There's a lesson in there for me.

Carolyn Konig of course. I like the way there are different background fabrics used within the quilt.
Would you believe this one was made from "leftovers"? Yes, leftover blocks from a BOM. So gorgeous in this quilt.

Striking colour choices.
Oh and what's this?
A little bit of my own show and tell... an addition to the cross-stitch. LOL!!
I have been granting myself a little bit of cross-stitch if I do something else I didn't feel like. What did I sew? I will show you tomorrow!!

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Kathie said...

oh there are so many beautiful quilts in this post
thanks for sharing them with us.
wow must have been an incredible quilt show.
love those clamshells and the quilt with the center panel just beautiful.....
I could go on!