Monday, 2 November 2009

Searching for the peacock

There will be a peacock on this block at some stage... LOL!!

This is one of the blocks for my Civil War Bride quilt. I am posting this partially finished block to show you that despite starting 2 new projects, I am staying on track with this quilt.

I love the colour of these fabrics... I haven't quite decided what fabrics to use on the peacock yet, hence the delay. I expect to be onto it very quickly!!

I already have the next 2 blocks traced, which helps to keep me going with the quilt. Hopefully, if I feel like it's too hard to make the decision on what fabric to use with the peacock, at least I can start on the stems of another block, until a time when I feel like choosing colours.


Janet said...

I love the greens in this block, it's going to be another glorious one.

Kathie said...

great fabric choices!
love the pink flowers...
oh I love your reasoning, yes we need to have a few blocks on the go and work on the one that fits the mood!

Donna said...

Your blocks are all gorgeous, and the finished quilt will be breathtakingly beautiful!

Karen said...

Good luck on finding just the right fabric for the peacock. I will be waiting to see what you find.