Monday, 9 November 2009

I love little quilts!!

I have really been in the mood to sew by machine lately. It's just as well, because I have so many projects that need to be pieced together and what-not. But, I am working on new things aren't I? It's an irresistable pull to start something new. This is my second finished quilt top in the Lori Smith series "Simply Charming".
Ah, they look so good together! Can you imagine how 9 little quilts will look together?

Here's a photo to indicate scale - we all know the size of a rotary cutter don't we?

Instead of the usual way when piecing (i.e. make a four-patch and join them together to reduce stretching across rows) I pieced in rows. The seams sit so much better on the back.

I also pressed the long seams open, but to make them stay there I used a product called "Mary Ellen's Best Press" - it's a starch alternative. It's new in Australia.
Have you ever tried "Crisp" spray starch from the supermarket only to find it scorches and burns? Best Press really is the best.
Tonight I would like to work on my next little Lori quilt "Delightful Four Patch", and tomorrow morning is reserved for working on the 1950s quilt. Hmm, if I fuse Santa onto my Christmas Countdown tonight, it will be ready to hand-blanket stitch tomorrow night at quilting.
I think that's a plan... Now, how can I fit it all in?


Jayne Honnold said...

Beautiful!! These are spectacular!

Liz said...

Wow Lorraine, these are amazing! I reckon you're just up for punishment sewing all those teeny, tiny blocks! Can't wait to see the nine together.

Anonymous said...

Wow Again! Those are just too cute for words. There is something always so charming about little quilts.
Great job, can't wait to see them all finished.


Teresa Rawson said...


These are beautiful!! WoW! I have a lot of her patterns and hope to tuck into them at some point. There is something very satisfying about making small quilts full of tiny pieces. Your fabric choices are great and your piecing so accurate!

I like the best press as well, and have been using it in my final press before quilting. I don't know what is in it, but it really works.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)