Friday, 6 November 2009

A couple of days work

I've been sewing rather than blogging, and now have a bit more show and tell for you!! These are the next 3 blocks in the little Lori Smith series of quilts. The blocks finish 4" when in the quilt.
Okay, here are all of the blocks. The finished quilt will measure 16" x 20". I won't write too much, I want to get back to sewing!!


Janet said...

Keep going, they are rally lovely and I'm glad you showed the blocks together.

Lizzie said...

You're such a busy bee Lorraine, you make me want to stitch and stitch. LOL! Not tonight though - tomorrow ;0)

Maggie A said...

Oh, how tiny are they! Look lovely.

Anonymous said...


They are wonderful, four inches, wow! What method did you use? They are beautiful together, I can't wait to see the whole thing together.


Jayne said...

Ooohh!I love them! This is the sort of block I prefer to do by hand. I love little pieces and triangles, all stuff that makes a block challenging! It takes a long time to finish a full-size quilt top with such small blocks. Nice to make a small project, huh? Well done!!