Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Two disco balls

I really have no idea where the weekend went... I think that's life when you are celebrating being a Family!

there at dawn... the first ones there...

warning!! gratituous shots of the warm weather at our local beach

Not much stitching to show after intensive family time... but I do have these to show you which have been progressing for a few days..
little 30s hexies

Little hexagons made with fabric leftover from the quilt I made for my expected bub while pregnant (He is almost two!!)... I have a few ideas for what do make with these little sweethearts... Any suggestions?

And from Friday Night With Friends stitch-in at home, I finished sewing the sequined fabric onto this bra ready for the bellydance concert in a few weeks.

the black velvet was already covered in stitched sequins, this was an easy one!

Some bellydance bras get a lot of embellishment... but this one is like a disco ball already... well... when I wear it, it's kind of like 2 disco balls. Hahahahahahahah! Oh! I think I'm funny... it's lovely to be in a bellydance troupe... It's my time to be a woman. I am grateful for my friends, the exercise, and the inspiration to work on more costumes!

Hmm.... I think this week will be dedicated to working on costumes. The dress rehearsal is on Sunday, and we need to be in all our costumes by then. Eek!

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