Monday, 14 August 2017

Four more

Incredible! I'm not really sure how I did it, But they are done! The bellydance costumes for this year's concert are finished. And that is a relief.

This is a bra I covered in a high end dress fabric. The "Princess Jasmine" sleeves were added following a tutorial on Sparkly Belly. I love that the turquoise colour adds brightness to an otherwise drab costume of bronze/brown/gold.

Then I made up this matching belt, and stitched another hand me down necklace onto it for tinkle and jingle during the Drum Circle dance. Also hanging from the belt is part of the dream catcher, and more feathers are in the hair. This is a tribal inspired bra and belt. I feel so comfortable in this outfit.

I will be excited to post photos later, of the costumes while I am wearing them.

Over the weekend another TWO little doll/teddy sleeping bags were finished (they just had a bit of binding to hand stitch down).

And feeling all inspired on Saturday morning after finishing the costumes, I went a bit crazy and designed a new quilt, then went to buy the fabric for it!

Um... ok... yes... it is now started. !!!! I think it is going to be one in a series following a "mythical and magical" theme....

You just can't keep a sewing girl down!

And to keep in the flow of the new little quilt currently forming, I am hoping to have the top pieced, and the back pieced ready to sandwich together on Wednesday at social sewing group.

Thank goodness for this blog, my quilting journal, or I would never be able to keep track of all these finished items.

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You have been really busy again. I love your quilt. :)