Monday, 29 May 2017

Creating away

What a busy week it has been!

So many ups and downs... so many projects going on... and transformation as moods and inclinations vary with turns in our lives... new priorities... new schedules.. so many changes to begin. Now.

And luckily, my quilting mojo is still here. Having worked through some kacky stuff this week, creating is still a happy place at the moment.

It's funny, when "stuff" happens, we need the comfort of our quilting, the soothing of the stitch, the caress of fresh cotton and prints... and yet, at those times, for some of us,  we cannot enjoy our sewing. I know I had a big break from regular stitching and blogging for a couple of years. You can see the number of finished projects on the side bar shrank drastically when I moved out of a house into a caravan.

Living in the moment, and enjoying my creating once again, I would like to share what I have been doing in the last week with 2 family birthdays.

The evolution of a princess fairy tale birthday cake for Miss 6.

5 cups of icing sugar and 250g of butter for the pink icing. Right there.

I only got these piping tools for Mother's Day. Perfect timing! Feeling so experimental!

all you need is the star piping tool... and a few hours!

After those easy looking cupcakes made last week with the purple star violets, I thought I'd just dive in!

swirly things on the ice cream cones - another 5 cups of icing sugar

silver cachous in the centre of each swirl, and sparkly dust on everything

a doorway, flowers, and princesses...

And more cupcakes for MIL's biggest morning tea party.

Then, for my sweetheart's birthday, there was a request for carrot and pecan cake.

Here it is topped in PLENTY of icing...

And "decorated" by the children. Hee Hee. 6yo and 7yo seem to think that decorating the cake is adding lollies....

As for stitching, I hope I can figure out when to Stop... but I am still embellishing Secret Garden block 3.

Haven't even finished laying down the fabrics for block 4 yet, and the new instructions will be out soon.

I am enjoying stitching. Wonderful! That makes everyone happy.

Love to you all.. xoxo


Andrea said...

Snap! :) We must've been blogging at exactly the same time... There seems to be lots of sparkly stuff in your life at the moment - it's a very happy blog.

dq said...

You are one busy lady! The cake looks wonderful and delicious as well as your quilt blocks!

Jo said...

Hope you enjoyed eating the cake too.