Saturday, 6 May 2017



Yesterday I had finished stitching down everything already basted onto Diamond Hill block 4.

After a concerted effort the rest of the block has the edges prepared with spray starch and ironed under.

It's pretty exciting. Now I get to sit and stitch tonight. And if it's not all finished tonight. That's okay. I'll save some for when I don't feel in the mood to prepare whats next.

But tomorrow I get to finish Secret Garden 3, then I can start SG 4.

There's nothing like preparing for the next "project", or in this case block, to get me excited about finishing what I am working on. The prepared fabrics are just so patworthy. I just want to pat and stroke the fabric for the next block. Hee hee.

Although saying that, I need to be in the mood to prepare the pieces for SG4, as I am making significant modifications to it this time.


Jo said...

You are good for keeping up. They are a lot of work..

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

That is going to be amazing!