Friday, 31 March 2017

Oh! Bluebells!

We are feeling truly blessed having dodged the bullet of  Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie by only a couple of hundred kilometers.
Only 2 hours away, an entire rural city was almost blown away.

strange sunsets in strange weather

I've typed and formulated 30,000 words of documents in the last month. Some days all I could think about was what else I had to include.

All we had was a day or so of gusty winds, and that was just what we needed to blow the cobwebs away.

After the negative energy blew away, we all felt so refreshed.. even my brain could start to get excited about choosing fabric once again. Before that, it was all I could manage to stitch on a couple of striped bluebells each day (if I truly had time to put a stitch in).

My new swearword was "Oh! Bluebells!" hahahahahhahahah... (no really, there are a lot of these!)

Even though the binding for "Time For Love" is half hand stitched down now, I really felt like I wasn't getting anything done. I certainly had nothing to blog about!

Tomorrow it's time to receive Secret Garden mystery block 3. So I took another look at  block 2.  and set about stitching down just one patch of bluebells so that I could embroider the stems, and give me that feeling I was getting something done.

One patch of bluebells with embroidered stems

And here we have it! Success! What next when there is so much to do?

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kiwikid said...

So good to hear the cyclone was not near you. Amazing skys!! Love the bluebells.