Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A couple of hours later...

A couple of hours later...

I had a few hours on my feet at the ironing board at the LQS today!! Wore my running shoes to our "sewing session", and didn't even sew! Hee hee.

Feeling awesome that I got all the other elements for the block traced (yippee!)...

Found, bought and tried out fabrics for the Genie-Lamp style flower pot... well I think I've found them..  still working on turning over the seam allowances....

The bluebells are fun so far. Not sure about the stem colour yet.

I really can't start stitching down on this block. It's all about the way the fabrics interact, if they are too busy, if they balance within the block, if they complement each other.

Using the double freezer paper with starch method to turn under the seam allowances is such a time consuming thing, but I love the precise effect. I had 2 1/2 hours, and really, didn't get that much done. No stitching. Hee hee. When I get started on the stitching, I will probably wear a hole in my finger!

Of course, by the time I choose all of these fabrics and prepare the block, it will probably be time to choose fabrics for the next Diamond Hill block (it's a free BOM with each block released on the 15th of the month).

Much faster to prepare than the starch method is the washable glue and freezer paper method.... but that is with washable freezer paper - Polyfuse by Matilda's Own. My LQS didn't have it in store.

Getting better using a big iron to turn seams, I think I will stick with this method, and eventually buy a Clover 11 mini iron with red protective parts on the hot stem to protect me from burnt fingers (I can get a bit clunky at times).

And in other exciting news, three of my quilts arrived in the mail today, sensationally quilted by my dear Mummy.  Thanks Mum! I can see a mixture of custom quilting in free hand work and cut away designs..... *happy sigh*.... it feels good to be closer to finished quilts!!!

This week I get to prepare the binding for the wedding quilt. Hurrah!

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Glenda said...

Now Im really intrigued at what you will end up with LOL You really are in Alice and Wonderland this is such fun. Cheers Glenda

Elaine said...

Very pretty! I love the fabrics you are using :)