Tuesday, 7 March 2017

I love choosing fabrics!

There is  only a little bit of stitching left to do on Diamond Hill block 2.

That's a bit more portable than the preparation of applique pieces... so when I had an hour or so last night to myself, I jumped into playing with this fabric for Secret Garden block 2.

The left curving leaves and right curving leaves are aligned with different sections of the fabric.

Ohhhh. I knew this fabric would make great leaves when I saw it 2 or 3 weeks ago in Sunlit Blooms. Happy me, it fits the leaf sizes for Block 2!

I tried one or two leaves out, and they seemed to work. I need to make all the leaves to truly audition fabrics for the block.

I am using my favourite (so far) applique technique of double layer freezer paper, fold edges under with starch and iron, then remove paper, press, and baste on with Roxanne's glue.

Having decided these will be the leaves, now I need to make my other fabric choices sing, and really give the Alice in Wonderland feel.

There is a bird in this block. I haven't decided if I will swap it into a Dodo or a Flamingo as shown in the movies, or keep the bird in the pattern and place a card of hearts in its mouth.

These are fun decisions. I LOOOVE choosing fabric!

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Jo said...

I love the idea of the card of hearts