Friday, 8 May 2015

Just A Little Crazy...

Feeling like my head is going here, there and everywhere. Yesterday I spent the day working on a blue teacup stitchery to make into a table runner for the Biggest Morning Tea raffle, and finished it tonight. You can print the free stitchery pattern from here.

Then yesterday evening I found an invitation to a baby shower that's in 2 1/2 weeks.... Gah! My hands will be sewing everywhere! I thought I had a month to make the Baby Girl Quilt, now I need to finish it before the raffle items. It seems the quilt will have to  be simpler than I first thought.

 This definitely puts the Swedish Baby Quilt on the backburner for a while (sorry Feupie! That's my sister, but she doesn't read this blog).

Isn't it strange that since I started sewing again, I now have all these urgent projects that just weren't there before? Of course, the urgency is all in my own mind. I don't HAVE to make anything. I just like to.

And so before next week at Su's I would like to have the teacup table-runner pieced and quilted, and the Baby Girl Quilt pieced and quilted, so that I can trim them at Su's, then hand stitch the binding on. I wonder if I can stitch another of these blue blocks to make another table runner... I quite like it.

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