Sunday, 23 January 2011

What I've been wanting...

This is exactly what I've been wanting to say "It's finished!!"
I am really happy with the colour choices in this quilt.

Thanks for the fab quilting Mum. It really does make the quilt.

To read more posts about the making of this quilt, click here.


Kathie said...

just beautiful and your right the quilting is amazing but that appliqued vase makes the quilt and your wonderful fabric choices
good job!

Donna said...

Absolutly gorgeous! I agree, the fabrics are perfect, and the quilting is beautiful!

Teresa said...

Oooo! I LOVE this quilt! I've enjoyed watching it "mature"! The colors are just perfect and the quilting so complements everything. Well done to you both! I hope the flood waters are not threatening you!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Lizzie said...

Lorraine it's lovely, the colours are fabulous..
Have to get down for a catch up soon..

Colleen said...

Love your Lizzie Mae quilt, I purchased the pattern after viewing your blog when you started your masterpiece. It is on my ToDo list for 2011. Your fabrics are lovely, my goal is to choose fabric for my vase and let it dictate my color scheme. Wish me luck, of course I know a visit to Country Stitches in Burleson will provide any fabrics I might need! A visit with my beautiful daughter and precious grandchildren always includes a trip to my favorite quilt shop!!! The only reason I think it is OK for her dear husband to take a job and move away from home!!!