Friday, 14 January 2011

F is for Feupie

I dug out these initial blocks from a swap I participated in 2005. I made the "F" block, then made a block for someone else each month. 11 different people each made a block for this quilt.

I provided the background fabric (4 different colours), and requested no flowers, frills or pink - Feupie does NOT DO pink. At all.

Feupie is the special nickname I use for my sister.

As you can see, I stitched a Fish. Other blocks are: Fresh Fruit, Falling leaves, Feline Fleur de lys, out of the Frying pan into the Fire, Fabulous Funky Fungi, Fat Furry Feline, Feupie and Frainse, Fish, Frog, Fraise (French for strawberry), French Friends Farewelling a Friend on the sailboat "Free".

The blocks have been cut down, the sashings are chosen, and the binding is already put away. I started with a reddish colour for the cornerstones, but had to change to green. There wasn't enough contrast.

I was too tired to finish adding the last couple of rows. I hope I don't put this down for too long!!

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