Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pretty Boho

I think there is smoke coming out of my sewing machine!! I just sewed and sewed.

I really should listen sometimes. I ran out of bobbin twice while sewing one particular seam (How do you do that? I finished one bobbin, then put in another with only a bit of thread left on it. I wanted to empty it so I could fill a few bobbins at once - not enough for the whole row of sewing though). So, onto the third bobbin for that row.... then I had to unpick it all. Sewed it in the wrong place, silly me!! I should have listened - the machine was telling me something!
Now the centre of the quilt top is all sewn, I can sweep the floor. Yuck! All the threads and fluff that drop when handling fabric! It's a very dusty occupation, this sewing caper.
I need to audition borders, then sew them on. Now the quilt pieces are off the floor, I think I will leave it for a few days. I am exhausted!! (but a very happy kind of exhausted!!).
Pretty Penelope is developing her own Boho sort of feel, and I am loving it!


Shelly said...

You're working so fast! It's simply gorgeous. Throwing some black in with girly pink colors is kind of cool.

Colleen said...

Donna your Boho quilt is gorgeous! you have given me another idea!!! Seems like reading quilting blogs just fills my brain with "Oh my I love that, I could do that for ----whovever the recipient might be! This one would be for my oldest daughter 41, she has asked for a black and white toile quilt and the french prints are so pretty!
Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Teresa said...

Really like the cornerstone setting...lovely!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Andrea said...

Just loving the look of this quilt. Quite different for you, but very 'bohemian'. I want to pat the PC screen in order to touch this quilt - it just has that 'touchy' look about it. Well done. xxx Andrea