Thursday, 6 August 2009

Baltimores and dreams of minis.

Here is my latest Baltimore block - sorry, I really didn't have a moment to iron it. It was photograph now and blog, or not at all!! The flowers need embroidery in the centre and the leaves will also be embroidered to add more details and features.

And this is my last Baltimore album block for this quilt (started in 2004).... starting new blocks really does feel like a new project has been started.. but I am really still finishing off and using stash right?

The Tree Of Life just had to go in my quilt... After the leaves I will add birds and berries and a nest containing eggs.

This is my current drool matter... teeny, tiny lone star quilts... Mmm....
I love making miniature quilts!!


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

I am brand spanking new to quilting. I have not yet made a quilt but i really do like your Baltimore quilt and miniature quilts. Great stuff.

Bluebell said...

I Love your Baltimore quilt and would love to make one, I have only been quilting since I retired and I learn something new every day, your miniature quilts are lovely I will call in and see you again.