Saturday, 29 August 2009

2 more Baltimore blocks

Yes! Only one block to go I have finished 15 blocks.... wait on! I've got 2 blocks left to finish. Dang it! I have inadvertently made a rather large label for this quilt. I don't want to turn it into a quillow - folding it up rather snugly might damage the dimensional applique.These two blocks were started in about 2004. They both needed a little "tweaking" or fixing. You know, the kind of thing that requires serious motivaton! So, now I am only one little bit away from starting the Civil War Bride Quilt! Yippee!!
I will finish the peacock block and that will be that.


Lizzie said...

Just gorgeous, can't wait until you join us.

Janet said...

Great blocks! Love the bird. I'm cheering you on.

Kathie said...

blocks look great....I am looking forward to starting the CWD quilt too but I want to finish a few more MM blocks
I don't want that project getting pushed aside ! not sure I can really resist much longer!

Karen said...

Your blocks are beautiful. I enjoy seeing Baltimore style applique.

Ann said...

How lovely! I love this Civil War Bride Quilt. Your energy amazes me, Ann.