Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lots of designs in your head?

Have you been over to Virtual Quilter's blog? She designs a lot of quilts on EQ and shows us pictures. Most of the quilts aren't ever made.

Do you have lots of designs running around in your head? Why not make a miniature? A mini could be the size of a greeting card. Imagine that, Irish chain machine-appliqued on measuring only 4" x 5". I think I will try that very soon!!

I made this miniature quilt with raw-edge machine applique. I was inspired by Marie Webster's quilt poppies c.1912.

Marie Webster is mostly responsible for the look of those 1920s - 1930s quilts made from homespuns in pastel colours. She designed quilt kits.

You can find out more about Marie Webster and other ground-breaking quilt designers of the past at Online Quilter. This is a fabulous site full of info for people interested in quilt history (that's me!!). You will want to visit this site periodically to get through all the information on it!

Plus, look at the Clothesline section - Jan Baker shares photos of her wonderful collection of antique quilts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link! I haven't found a law that says I have to make every quilt I design, but I think they are worth sharing to encourage others to use quilt programs more, and to see what sort of designs get the most response.
As for making one in miniature, I will put it on the list! You know the one with all the things I want to do, which is about 5 centuries long so far!
Best of luck with the new venture too, I will try to give you a thought while I am on holiday, promise!
Judy B

Karen said...

Love the mini. Marie Webster made wonderful quilts. She is a great inspiration.