Monday, 12 January 2009

116 buttons

I am on my way to my first finish for 2009... and what a finish!

The binding and hanging sleeve are on the French Collection quilt...

Sewing the buttons on is taking quite some time. There are a lot of buttons. 116 actually.

I need some small beads to finish sewing on the small buttons with only one hole.

You can really see the gaps where the buttons need to go.

This is my night-time project. I am flat out painting shelves and what-not.


Sharyn said...

are the hams and dog buttons? I'm not seeing anything else that might be a button (see...I sniffed out a button post clear from the quilt room). Did they come with the set of embroideries as a kit?

Bizarre Quilter said...

Ah... well.. these are the "before" shots where the gaps are fairly obvious. Tomorrow I can post photos with buttons. LOL!!

The hams, the fish, the dog, the bird above the door are all buttons.

I promise I will photograph each block and post them when I have finished. (I will be so proud!)

This has been a 12 month project. It's an Australian BOM called 'The French Collection'. Why not google it?

Maree said...

Your Blocks are looking! all those Buttons...should look Great when you get them altogether...

Karen said...

How many buttons???? Keep going. It's going to be wonderful.

Kerri said...

This is my kind of quilt. I am at the moment doing the Girls Day Out quilt and it has lots of button, but I dont think its that many. I will be looking forward to seeing each block. Well done