Saturday, 2 February 2019

Not floating away yet

We are still here after a few tense days. I couldn't concentrate on the cloak enough to give it the attention it needed, so I stopped working on it for now.

These eskies had to go up on the trampoline so they wouldn't float away.

That is a cubby there. The water was up 10cm in the bottom of it. Can you see that the toy trucks were placed on the roof for safe keeping?

This was all underwater only days earlier.

All this tension made me grateful.... Very grateful it was a new moon.

Did you know the moon's gravity causes tides because it attracts the ocean? So the high tides are always higher at full moon, and lowest at new moon.

And thank the goddess it was a new moon, or the water would have been inside our inner sanctuary.

Perfect time to create a set of two moon phase pillowcases to celebrate.

This colour is difficult to photograph. But trust me, they are bluer than this, and the moon phases are in a shimmery golden creamy fairy frost fabric.

Totally missed my birthday as we were rained in, and so I look forward to celebrating soon to make it up.

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