Friday, 8 February 2019

Are we sewing yet?

Well, it's relatively back to normal here, and we counted our lucky stars that our power was on the entire time, we enjoyed air conditioning and fans throughout the monsoon and our floors were not flooded to cause ongoing damage.

So much water fell that that dam was at about 13 percent capacity and was suddenly about to overflow. If it went over the edge, the dam may have broken entirely, and flooded the whole of Townsville. And so, a decision was made to release water that flooded the town's river. Many areas of town were evacuated and their homes were flooded.

Sacrificing some to protect more than that.

And so it's a time to be grateful. The children wanted to bake, so we made these profiteroles, which love a wet, steam oven.

We have linked up a series of steel planks to get around the yard so that we are not getting bogged.
 But that doesn't stop the children playing in the mud anyway! Hahahah

Hopefully some more stitching soon!

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