Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Slow stitching and fast painting

On Sunday I read Kathy's post about a suddenly deceased quilter whose friends and family were cleaning out her sewing stash. The woman had passed away with a  huge pile of kits and BOMs put away for later, without even the enjoyment of taking the first stitch.

I was prompted to start the slow stitching of Diamond Hill block 3, which is almost all prepared to stitch with seams turned under, but I had put it away for later. I worked on one large leaf on Sunday night.

reminder to self: insert progress photo here

It's just as well I had it all prepared, because the children are home for school holidays and I've suddenly found myself EXHAUSTED making their holidays the best yet... with no creative energy leftover for my own projects!

birds nests from noodles, chocolate and little eggs

Monday we had a pancake breafkast, went shopping to buy baking ingredients, then we made birds nest Easter cupcakes. First we made mini chocolate cupcakes, then we made nests from Chang's fried noodles, chocolate melts and little chocolate eggs. After that it was kids at karate, then we watched the movie Trolls. Ooh! What a big day!
nests atop mini chocolate cupcakes

I was so tired Monday night. What to do? Just sit and stitch in the evening to wind down. Another large leaf stitched.

Today we've been to the museum to see the interactive moving dinosaur exhibit, met up with friends in a wonderful chance meeting, then enjoyed lunch out at the Cowboys club bistro. The children are napping, and have declared it the "best day ever" (well, for these holidays at least).

Last Saturday before I had "brain fatigue", I practised painting a tshirt for Master 18 months.
Yay! School holiday project time

We have more tshirts for kids and grownups to paint. At only $3 per tshirt, I think we will do a few of these each.
In an amazing twist, last night we saw a rainbow and the word HAPPY at the start of the Trolls movie! Kismet.

This will be fun!
The back of bub's tshirt. Any pattern seems to work in the paint.

As for me? My brain might just let me choose some fabrics for Secret Garden in Wonderland block 3 tonight. Yes! My brain is working again!


Jo said...

Action packed holidays

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Love your t shirts, you are so creative.