Saturday, 22 April 2017

Grooving right along

Moving right along, the 3rd block of Secret Garden is developing.

This week it's taken a chunk of time to play with the fabrics. Looking at the fabrics isn't enough, it seems to require preparation of starching under the seams to view the composition objectively.

And even then, in the old days we would use a door peephole to look at our project from a distance to gain perspective. Now we take a digital snap on our phone and look at it on the screen. Then we make a change, and switch between two photos to see what we like best.

Here is my latest progress photo of the block.

I am still deciding whether to use the tiger head/Cheshire cat to replace 1 flower or 2 flowers.

There is another flower to hang down over the urn, and a rim and sash on the urn too - maybe in teal? Not sure yet. I might not know until the flowers have been embroidered as this will also add balance to the colouring in the block.

I love asymmetry. Odd numbers of flowers. Tiger head on one side, not the other. One Queen head hiding behind leaves, one in front of them.

Adoring these Tula Pink fabrics (tiger from Eden range, and Queen heads from Elizabeth range). It's just a really exciting project to work on.

Looking forward to having all these pieces chosen and prepared so that I can work on Diamond Hill block 4. It's only 3 weeks until we have the instructions to put together the first four DH centre blocks. I am keen as mustard to put them together at that time to keep up with everyone, so I am keen to catch up (or is it keep up?) with both BOMs.


dq said...

You are making wonderful progress! I just love your tiger cat. He is fantastic!

Glenda said...

Ive enjoyed watching your blocks grow on SG and DH I can see you are having a lot of fun with those wonderful whimsical fabrics for your DH. Is this quilt going to be for a gift or are you keeping it for your self??? Cheers Glenda