Friday, 11 November 2011


Oh, I'm going mad with joy over these Egyptian prints!!

These came into my LQS just at the time the Tutankhamen exhibition opened in Melbourne... Was I happy and inspired? Oh yes!! Now, when was that? Perhaps June? I really can't remember... but my fabrics were purchased immediatly... and dutifully left in the bag they were purchased in... oh my!

It's definitely playtime for me and these fabrics. This is the start: strip piecing the width of the bolt. It reminds me of the way heiroglyphics run horizontally across walls. Well, no, actually, perhaps they run vertically? However, I think it will be more pleasing to the eye if these strips run horizontally....

I've organised a sewing get-together day on Tuesday with Rosie, Andrea and Amanda. We are going to stitch our little socks off! I'm not yet sure whether this quilt will be worked on, or the new idea I have with the stunning indigenous prints in my LQS.

Ah, that's 4 days away.... let's just see what is talking to me on the day.

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