Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mad Sewing Tuesday

It's the first of the Mad Sewing Tuesday sessions... a few of us are going to get together to sew and sew... I'm glad I started today, or I would have been mowing...then grocery shopping.. then by the time I go to dance class and yoga that would be it!! The day is gone!!

I finished something off first (well nearly.... it needs quilting)... You know, I have this rule that I need to finish something before I can start something new... so, it's almost a finish.. because it's ready to be quilted by Mum. (Thank you!)...

This is the Flower Of The Month stitchery I started in 2006. The last time I worked on it was May 2010. This how it looked then...

oh dear... It's been waiting for borders for 18 months! I just love love the colours and fabrics... I would love to keep it... but I had an idea while I was finishing it today that my gf Janelle would love it. She lost her Dad last week - he was a war veteran... with poppies quilted on this, I would name it "Rememberance".

This bunch of flowers will last a lot longer than some real ones that would fade too quickly. I'm not going to tell Janelle why she is getting this quilt. I am just going to give it to her.

My next task was to prepare for Christmas...

This Christmas stocking panel by Julie Paschkis is stunning. The prints have depth, and the colours are warm. I quilted the fronts, then quilted black pieces for the back... then added straight grain binding to the tops, stitched around the outside... and added bias binding to the sides.

Two made, two more to go... maybe next Tuesday? I think they took an average of an hour each... that's not too bad.... Still to make the birds (I want them to be name tags for the stockings).... Fun! Fun!

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