Monday, 19 September 2011

A little bit of skirt.

I really fancy making skirts right now. I bought this fabric in New Zealand, January this year, with the intention of making a skirt. I've cut the pieces out ready to sew.I've made this skirt before, but it was a larger size, I'm now on the small size (yay me!!). So, I had to re-draft it. The side seams are sewn and zig-zagged. Ric-rac is added to the wrap-around edge, and a contrast trim is stitched to the bottom.

All I need to do is add the trim at the top and make a slit using a machine buttonhole stitch. Way too tired to do that tonight....

How different does the fabric look with different light? These photos were taken using my iphone with no flash.

I've also selected fabric for another skirt. I'm using the patterned print on the back, shot cottons on the front folds, and the bright coral for trim. Deliciously Gypsy Caravan decor.

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