Saturday, 3 September 2011

Almost photographed

Hmm... I just realised I haven't really posted a good photo of La Petite Ecole - Persian Tiles. I still haven't managed to post a good photo. It's quite a big quilt!! I think I've got a good place for this at home!!

I'm ready to snuggle up...

It's important for me to try to take good photos of my quilts for this blog - I have them printed into a book each year - that's a record of my quilting journey.

I've been asked to speak at the Geelong guild in two weeks. They want me to talk about my quilting journey - to bring quilts, and talk about what I do, how I've done it..... everything. And it's the early days that I can't remember so well, and I've given so many of the quilts away now.

The ones I grew out of, the ones I could spare for urgent charity quilt drives, the baby quilts I gave away, or healing quilts... I just can't remember them all. I must try to collate all the photos I've taken in one place.

In the meantime, I might talk about some of my past quilts at different times, just to make a record in this journal, and in this woman's quilting history.

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