Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I'm feeling quite satisfied with the bit-by-bit quilting of these mini quilts.

How good is it to finish 3 little quilts, then hang them all together??? Well, I can tell you. It IS good. *grin*

Especially after going through a dry spell (the blog has been a bit light-on hasn't it??). The quilt above is Delightful Four-patch - started November 2009, completed May 2010.

I'm rearing to sew at home, but the heater is on the fritz, and it's the coldest we can remember for June. So, if I am at home, I am in bed with the electric blanket and a beanie on, with a book. It's not quite right for the sewing machine... *grin*

Of course I'm also working on a mystery BOM for my LQS that I can't show my progress on... so that's another reason the blog looks a bit forlorn.

Still, I hope to keep you updated soon with another mini-quilt completed. (I do so love seeing these hang on the wall!!)...

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