Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I've had a few non-quilty projects competing with my time of late.

Have you seen my new blog? "My Bohemian House". It's a journey of my home decorating, and related thingies.

I am covering a lamp shade with Kaffe Fasset fabric.

It's the first time I've really tried to use a hot glue gun. I nearly stuck the gun onto the lampshade!!

I have successfully adhered satin bias around the top and bottom of the lampshade, and a coin trim around the bottom edge. I am going for the gypsy-caravan-boho type look.

The fabric has been hemmed top and bottom, but I think I need to unpick and adjust the bottom hem. Then I will run a ribbon through the sleeves I sewed in, gather the fabric to fit, and hot glue gun into place.

All I need are the arms of Shiva and I will be fine!!

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