Thursday, 6 June 2019

Belly Dance costume

It's coming up to our annual bellydance concert, and this year our troup teacher decided we needed to wear jelebas, well... this version of one.

It has a cutout bust wher ethe bra shines and shows off.

I bought a stretch velvet fabric that had pearly beads stitched onto it. Oh! it was a bit of a disaster to sew! I couldn't sew a straight line for the seam, the beads were so big, I had to go around them, and if you pulled one out it left a huge hole. No wonder I got it on the bargain fabric pile!

As you can see there is more beading to go on the bra, but I am onto it, and will have it finished for the concert by end of August. And although you can't see, there are huge splits in the sides that go all the way up the legs for maximum movement.

What a stunning colour in the sky in our yard. Great inspiration. 

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