Sunday, 21 April 2019

Atherton Crystal Caves

I have to say I was pretty excited about our trip to the Crystal Caves in Atherton.

There is a cave like experience in a shop. It's semi dark, the crystals are lit up, so you wear a light helmet.

This MASSIVE amethyst geode stood over water filled with huge chunks of rose quartz. 

We all had a refill by its side.

Some of the exhibits are for touching and some are not.

A sphere is very interesting, because it radiates its energy out in a sphere itself, so it can go further.

These orthoceros fossils are huge!

Back into the amethyst and rose quartz pool room.

Filling the self, so that more can flow.

Everyone was drawn to the crystals and touching them.

Or feeling the energy of the space.

After a while, we all had headaches. So many crystals in one space, and out we went. Thinking of our visit with pleasure and happiness.

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