Thursday, 21 June 2018

What are you Raven about?

Ravens have been an important symbol for me since I realised they were always flying around, and bringing me messages. 

It wasn't until one very windy Victorian day there were about 40 ravens in the top of a tree at my front fence. The wind was blowing up in the tree tops. It must've been hard for them to hang on, but they clung to those branches until I noticed them.

It took sheer density of numbers for it to hit me.

Since then, ravens have had a personal meaning for me. So when I saw this fabric for sale last Halloween, I grabbed a metre of it. And hoarded it for a while.

 The first bag goes with this Messages from the Guides deck as a set (sold), as Ravens have been a guide of mine, I thought it was quite fitting.

The second bag is mine. And now stores these Witches' Divination crystals that I won. It also has a bird skull charm stitched on. I love it!

My deck collection is slowly starting to get their own bags, which makes me very happy to have started to make two of each. One to keep, and one to sell.

P.S. I am pretty excited about my labels "Sew Rainey Sew".

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