Wednesday, 16 May 2018

9 years later

I started these blocks 9 years ago in 2009, and took the stitchery borders to India with me in 2010 as my travel project. 

Finally, the borders have been added to the 12 Days Of Christmas Quilt.

The quilt top has been assembled for about 5 years. The border fabric has been in a shopping bag for about a year. And finally, they are stitched on. Hurrah!

I want to send this away to Mum at Deep Creek Quilting for longarm quilting in time to enter the quilt into the Townsville Show. It will need to go by express post I need it back by the end of the month to hand in, and that includes time needed for hand stitching the binding.

What a great incentive to get this quilt finally finished!

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