Monday, 5 September 2016

Kerri's red and gold bra

What a spectacular night we had at the dance concert!

I am so grateful for my Circle of Women. It was such a blessing to be pampered (Kerri did my hair), and pamper others (I did some make up). A truly joyous night of women working together and facing their nervous fears... remembering dance steps... costume pieces and accessories...

And I won a big prize in the raffle! A pack of hair products!

Here is the only bra I had not taken a photo of before  - Kerri models it here.

This bra was not padded, which meant I had to allow for stretch when beading, and had to stitch the sequins and beads on vertically. It is much easier to stitch onto a slightly padded bra.

At first the base of the bra was also sequined, but the beads were digging into her skin. I removed the sequins and replaced them with some rows of beaded fringing. Ta-da! Happy Kerri!

It is the close friendships shared with my Circle of Women that are a true blessing, as a result of belly dancing, and I find myself truly grateful for their role in my life. Thank you.

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