Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Purple hip scarf bra

There is another fast way to create a belly dance bra, without all the beading and sequins. Simply stitch an inexpensive hip scarf to a bra. This $8 scarf is hand stitched around the top then is allowed to hang over the bra, and finally ties closed over the clasps at the back.

I really like wearing this bra, and it falls beautifully - my bust even jingles while I move... but the bra underneath is so lovely, and it's hidden. Sometime, I will buy another bra, remove the hip scarf off here and stitch it onto a plain inexpensive one.

This bra is so lovely underneath, it deserves to have some sequins on it, just to show it's loveliness. (Have you shown your bra lately? Hee hee.) I am feeling inspired to stitch on some purple, green and yellow pansies.

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