Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Striped belly dance bra

How does a new Mum get to sew when she is busy with 3 children and family life?
She squeezes in hand sewing!

Finally, it was time to return to grown up, independant activities, such as belly dancing.

It was also time to create some costumes. Belly dancing gives me time with my Circle of Women, and it allows us to feel free for that time... to wear clothes we wouldn't normally wear, and enjoy our bodies and the way they move.

Hand beading and sequins, yes, I can do that without setting up the sewing machine for 10 minutes, not knowing when Bub would wake up again.

Here is my first attempt at the sequins/beading.

Each sequin is individually stitched on with a bead in the centre. Colours were chosen to allow a few different skirts to be worn with this bra (one bra could make a few outfits). Since making it I have decided that next time I will use larger beads (hence why I created stripes, so that every piece of surface did not need to be sequinnned, plus the bra was so beautiful, it didn't need to be covered up completely).

Careful! I think this could become addictive!

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