Monday, 13 July 2015

Nesting: sewing or cleaning?

Some people use cloth nappies or old towels for burp cloths. Others use store bought items. I am in the mood to sew for Bub. I cut four hand towels in half (vertically) to give 8 pieces of towel. Then I stitched a colourful piece of fabric onto the back with right sides together, turned through, and top stitched. Ta-da!

These feel like traditional Bar Mats one would find in a pub. 

8 Burp Cloths

I think they will be just right for my Bub's personal Milk Bar when it opens for business. Heh heh.

I've also been sewing some bibs inspired by Jo. She showed me how to make them a few years ago.

At this stage I will put them away to work on two impending gifts - my sister's baby quilt and the cushion cover.

I feel like I'm nesting frantically by sewing sewing sewing! I wonder if that happens with other quilters and sewers. Who would clean if you could sew?

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