Friday, 24 April 2015

Frantically busy happy

Oh my! It's been a frantic couple of days. The borders are on Colour Me Happy... and I think it's delightful!

It takes 5 days by post for the quilt top to reach Mum interstate. I think this will be the only one I will be able send before she leaves home in 11 days. Else I only have 3 days to finish both sides of the horsey quilt, and they are not even cut out yet, and I will be away for 2 of those days. I found this delicious batik wideback, and have machine stitched the label on, so that it is quilted right through.

And so, reluctantly, I have decided that the children will have their quilts (including the monster quilt) when we move into the new home, which should be just before Christmas.

Two pieced blocks for the horsey quilt - I've been able to use the leftover backing above in the centre of these blocks. I like it very much!

Ahhhhh. I feel a weight off my shoulders, and much more enjoyment to come from my sewing.

Tomorrow I hand sew the binding onto Pink Bananas, and give it away the following day.

What's next?
1. Cutting and piecing the front of the horsey quilt, then the back
2. Cutting out a Double Wedding Ring using my friend's accuquilt Go! (oh so exciting!) for my sister's belated wedding present
3. Make a baby quilt for my sister
4. Make travel change mats: one for my sister, one for me
5. Work on the Lucky Ducky baby quilt for my baby
6. Add binding to any quilts Mum is bringing up for me that she has quilted
7. Cot bumpers for my baby's cot
8. More baby sewing for my baby (nesting, nesting, nesting)
9. Sew a tee-pee cubby for the children as a gift from the baby
10. Finish the crocheted blankets.
11. Work on UFOs Mum will bring up for me

I'm excited!

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Jo said...

Hi Lorraine. I didn't notice you were back on here. I'll have to read up on what you have been doing