Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Colour wash crochet

It's very very hot in a pop top caravan with a portable air conditioner. Too hot to have a lot of wool on one's legs, in fact. All the same I want to try to make a gift for a special person living in a much colder climate. I love these three colours together. But I am thinking an entire quilt made from just these is too much. A little bit of orange seems to go a long way.

 I've had to remind myself of the need for depth in the colour pallette of woollen blankys too. I know how to do it in quilts, why would I limit myself in any other textile adventure?

I tried some with jarring/clashing colours too, (see the purple, orange blue square), but really, a colourwash effect seems to work best.

These blocks are really very fun to make because every one of them is different. No boring repitition. 

I will make as many as I can in the next couple of months as I'd like to give it as a gift in July.

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