Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Crazy Quiltin'

I'm preparing for time a-travelling in a caravan. This includes the preparation of projects to carry around. I can't possibly fit all the sewing I'd like to take.... but I'm going to try to take quite a bit with me!

How many blocks do you think I'll need for a bed quilt? These are 12.5 inch blocks... but maybe I won't make an entire bed quilt. A throw might be enough... And what about the embellishment? How much is too much?
I really don't know how much to put on them, but it's not the time to be embellishing and decorating yet.... All the same, I couldn't resist putting a little bit on here.... ooh hand-dyed satin velvet!
Dang! It doesn't really look like a heart does it? Maybe I can turn it into a chicken? Later, later... heh heh.... it's time to sew blocks.

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