Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Intensely happy

Oh! How I love an intense day of sewing!!
Rosie and I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed day of sewing at Andrea's today....
This was my progress before lunch.... The Pokey Puppy quilt was my first priority today -I really need to get it to Mum - the twins are due this month!
Ah... cauliflower soup, salad and a cheese platter... Mmmm... Oh wait, that's not what this blog is about... Hahahhahaha
And.... this was after lunch! Yay!!!
The Pokey Puppy quilt top is ready for quilting... I think a pattern of bones would be perfect....
Then, I took along another couple of projects... and decided to work on this one: This is the Etchings fabric range- I am making Persian Tiles.
I'm making a quick quilt.. thinking of some simple ones to make to sell. I am thinking about selling some quilts on Etsy. I'd love any feedback if you've sold quilts.

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