Thursday, 23 February 2012

When it gets old...

Ta-da! I've achieved my goal.. kept working at it until I had a vanilla border all the way around the snowball blocks... then I've managed to work in two other caterpillar fabrics - the food print and the little caterpillar print.
I've left space on the inside and outside of the pieced caterpillar, as I plan to hand-embroider feet/legs and little hairs on the body. It's a good sized quilt - I think it will be great on a single bed.
And so, that's the first phase of the quilt top complete: now to hand-stitch the hairs and legs, eyes and mouth.
Mum has a fantastic panto of a caterpillar that I will ask her to quilt on here - especially in that large empty space.
I posted this pic on facebook... my friend Rob says that when the quilt is old and full of holes it will still fit the theme! Oh! He made me laugh!!

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