Monday, 17 October 2011

I call it finished... after 10 years...

I hereby name this quilt Dharavi - after the Indian slum it now makes me think of. Look at the quilt as though it is a birds eye view.

Mum quilted it with swirls in the centre - over the slum roofs. The swirls remind me of dust moving in little eddies with the wind, or with the monsoon rains that pour and pour through the bits of plastic and tin used as housing.

Surrounding the patchwork of roofs made from varying found materials are people walking in bright colours. There are some make-shift tenements that have escaped the boundaries of the legal slum.

Then there is the ribbon border- depicting barbed wire. Legal slums have very specific boundaries. The ribbon border is made of three different materials, just as the barbed wire fences would be made from whatever wire is on hand.

Lastly, the slum is surrounded by tall buildings. Slums are always next to high-rise buildings. It's where the workers live while they are doing the building.... then the high-rise tenants move in, and they don't want a slum view from their windows.... so the slum dwellers move once again, taking their temporary dwellings to another site where they will hopefully be employed to make concrete once again.

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