Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The trouble is...

I am having difficulty finding time to get my head around the actual finishing of some projects.

I am still working on:
  1. the Garden Song quilt

  2. hand-stitching borders on the 12 Days Of Christmas

  3. re-covering the lamp shade

  4. Tis The Season stitcheries are complete, the surrounding fabrics need to be selected, cut and sewn

and.... here is the problem. I haven't focussed on my list of 5 for so long, that I don't know what is on it!!

I guess, I could pull out My Stars for hand-piecing... I really need something on the list I don't have to think about... something I can just do.

So, what do I do in the face of already owning one UFO for each year of my life? Start something else of course.

Oh boy.

At least it's only a little "oh boy".

This is what I started. A cushion from the first William Morris book by Michele Hill.

I chose one design from the "Friends" quilt for the cushion.

Okay, that's fused. Now I have to get out the machine and stitch it! That's the other problem, I haven't had the sewing machine set up in its usual place.

I really need to get my priorities right! Or is it, that I am prioritising in the right way of late?

I can't even work out what the trouble is.... LOL.


Teresa said...

Sometimes, starting something new is the only decent thing to do...

I try to have discipline to finish things, but there are times when the excitement of planning a new start is just what the doctor ordered.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Jayne said...

I'd be the last person to talk to about discipline, so I will talk about patting and drooling over Kaffe fabrics! :-) almost nothing in the sewing room makes me happier!!

I love your applique, and I love that lampshade you did out of KF fabric! Very innovative!

♥ Mariasun ♥ said...