Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Stuffing Brothers

When Rosie gave me a sock monkey kit and book for Christmas, she bought one for herself too. (see my last monkey post).

We have both been busting to start our sock monkeys, but we are not allowed to work on them if we are not together. We finally got together for a few hours last week, and this is what we got up to. This is the first sock, we have drawn on sewing lines to make the legs and main body from one sock.

Sewn and cut out above.

Ta-da! Here is Peejay turned right side out...

Would you believe two Peejays?

The next sock is a little scary... first we cut out the tail...

then the mouth..

Both our mouths are different, we need to decide which way up the mouth will go - you can see in the book there are so many variations.

Arms have been made, so has the tail.. Okay, let's go and stuff.

I think Rosie found it hard to stop stuffing, the sock just kept stretching to fit in more stuff.

What a fat monkey!

Mine was splitting himself if I tried to stuff too much in (the sock was laddering).

We found that Rosie had too much stuffing in her Peejay, so we took some out, and put some into my monkey.
Rather like Blood Brothers, this makes them Stuffing Brothers.

I can't wait until we meet up at quilt group this week so we can do some more on our Peejays. Now that we don't need our machines for a while, we can work on them at quilt group.
So cute... I want to make more... I need more socks!!


Sweet P said...

The monkeys are adorable. My grandson was given my grandmother's sock monkey that looks just like PeeJay.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

the monkeys are looking great! Love the step by step approach very cool stuff!

Donna said...

I love the sock monkeys. I had one as a child, and that was a long time ago. It sure brings back memories!