Monday, 9 February 2009

Relief quilts

The Victorian bushfires have really taken their toll.

I am busy organising some quilts to send to a quilting friend of mine, who is also the principal of a primary school in Eaglehawk. She will be able to distribute quilts to friends of hers, and families in the school who have lost their homes.

I dug through my stack of quilts, now I am going through my stash, have I got anything partly made? Dunno.

Gotta go... hope you are going fine!!



I pray and cross my fingers for all those in need.

Love Ines

Big Kid said...
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Big Kid said...

As I said on FB - it's a lovely idea. Keep quilting and blogging!

See my blog here.

Sharyn said...

I'm doing the same Loz, sending to dear friends in Alexandra. Bless stash...
Lets see some progress!