Monday, 31 July 2017


But wait, there's more... today I finished the binding on the Superhero Comics quilt.

And here is the Violette Fields skirt set modelled by Miss 6! She love, love, loves it. The tshirt is her favourite colour. I chose the skirt fabrics with that in mind.

I also made some more travel bags today, and will photograph those for display tomorrow.

And that marks the end of my Christmas in July present and Christmas-themed sewing fest, according to the calender.

However, I do feel the urge to reward myself with other sewing if at least something of my main projects (Two quilts by Esther Aliu - Diamond Hill and Secret Garden) are completed every day. I am still definitely in the mood to machine stitch.

If you saw my sewing space now, and how crowded it looks, you would know I have lots and lots of projects to go on with, and just keep enjoying.

Something will catch my eye tomorrow, to be sure!

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Jo said...

A busy sewing space is a good one. Keep it up...