Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bet you can't see for dust...

Well... I bet you can't see me for dust (that's an Aussie thing... driving so fast the car kicks up dust preventing the car behind from following or driving safely, especially in the Sticks (AKA country) where the roads may be narrow or made only of dirt)... I've been speeding along so fast, that I haven't had time to blog!

It's been a week since my last post, and with my sewing machine station (and cutting and ironing areas) permanently set up, everything has been rolling!

The over and underskirt set for Miss Six is finished. I am in love with these Violette Fields Patterns.

The blue part is the ruffled underskirt. The idea is to make a few of the overskirts, to mix and match with the one underskirt, to create different looks without as much sewing. Oh! The ruffles were definitely an act of love! I don't want to look at one again without shirring elastic. Oh darn it! That's what I forgot to buy today!

I made two travellers bags - a matching set.

"Let's be adventurers" for passports, tickets etc. Quilted with the words "Paris" and "France".

and "It's On My List".

 - a bag just the right size for taking your kindle on the plane.

Another pleated skirt is finished (green with roses) - no picture yet, haven't had a chance to put it on!

And yet another pleated skirt ... this one is made from 70s inspired Prints Charming fabrics on the front (designed and made in Sydney, Australia), but I didn't have enough fabric, so it's teemed with a 30s feedsack inspired print. I've had both of them for ages, and it feels wonderful to use fabrics (and wear them!).

The binding is machined onto the first Superhero comics quilt. I am looking forward to some hand stitching with my sweetheart on the couch tonight.

Only 2 nights left for my Christmas in July projects! I wonder if I will give myself an extension or if I will reward myself with consistent work on my two main projects this year! It's been such a productive time!

I am very happy.

I hope you are too. Thank you for dropping by.

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Andrea said...

I'll bet Miss 6 is pretty happy to have her skirt - it looks so cute.