Friday, 14 July 2017

And now this... !!!!

I'm supposed to be stitching projects for Christmas or with Christmas themes during July - as I had declared it "Christmas In July" month!

I don't suppose I can convince myself that these stitcheries from The Goblin King (Labyrinth movie) quilt are going to be a Christmas present for myself?

Ambrocious, the loyal steed

Well... (this is me explaining to myself).... I HAD to stitch these up. There weren't any Christmas stitcheries traced off ready to sew. I had no choice... *cough cough*

You know, I might almost have convinced myself there.

I AM feeling pretty happy to have a couple more stitcheries finished.


And now that this has happened...

A new sewing space of my own!

YES! My sweet man has given me half of our family kitchen to sew in! The sewing machine stays permanently in place! Hurrah!

I think you can guess what this means! A lot more sewing machine activity could soon be showing up, right here on your screen!

Doing the happy dance here!

1 comment:

Jo said...

So what is the window under the table on the left. Looking at the wall on the right your sewing space is outside because of the heat...
You will be sewing all the time soon... how will it be over the summer time.