Monday, 17 July 2017

No quilt police here

It's Christmas In July (or making Christmas presents in July) month for me!

It's so refreshing to give yourself permission to start something new and finish it quickly!

This Wild Geese quilt started as leftovers from the orange challenge article. There weren't enough geese to make a quilt out of those few, so I found a few different fat quarters from different ranges and cut away without thinking too much... there seems to be a vintage kind of 70s scrap bag look.

and some feet for size reference.. heh heh

Here are the two little pieces all spray basted ready to start! Ooh! It's so delicious to run my fingers over their surfaces....

I even remembered to machine stitch on the labels before quilting!

machine stitching the label before quilting means it cannot be removed

It was so tempting, that I quilted the little orange table centre today!

Ooh, I love the texture of a quilted piece!

Leaves, and some wiggly lines. It's been a while since I free motion quilted, and it feels good to be back in the groove... moving with the sewing machine, and on my way to finishing something, just because it feels nice....

And... it felt to nice to quilt away, that more than half of the lap quilt is also quilted!

Now that I've done so much quilting on it, I can see that it was probably a little bit too big to spray baste, and really should have been pin basted. However, there are no quilt police here! And it's for a gift!

Looking forward to more quilting tomorrow... I will definitely sleep well tonight. So much concentration has left me feeling drained!

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Maria said...

The lovely bright Flying Geese Quilt looks great to me...
sounds like you had fun playing with it...